Across the States Photography


East to West, North to South, this collection of images of the Lower 48, reflect our interests outside of National Parks and National Monuments, which are represented in their own galleries. 


Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, Oregon





A State of awesome scenic wonders


Havasu Falls




It’s not just about the Potato!


Upper Mesa Falls


The Hoosier State


Indiana Landscapes Gallery

Indiana by County Gallery


Cataract Falls


The Upper Peninsula



Michigan Gallery

Sundew Plant


Land of Many Lakes


Minnesota Gallery

Lake near Eli Minnesota


Talking Rocks Cavern


Missouri Gallery

inside Talking Rocks Cavern




Land that We Love!


Avalanche Gorge, Glacier National Park



New Mexico 

From Border to Border


Oldest inhabited settlement in the US Acoma Pueblo


New York

The Empire State


New York Gallery

Ithaca Falls, Fall Creek Falls



A Coastal Treasure


Oregon Gallery

The Haystack, Cannon Beach Oregon

South Dakota 

Where out Westward Travels Begin


Badlands National Park Gallery

South Dakota Landscapes Gallery


Sacajawea Sculpture



The Palo Duro Canyon


Texas Landscapes Gallery

Palo Duro Canyon, Texas


Desert Lands and Monumental Mountains

Have you ever heard of the Moki Dugway?  Neither had we, until we came upon it in our travels.  That was an experience!  Home to several National Parks, featured in other galleries, there is still much to see in this state.  It is the second driest state and has about 300 sunny days a year. 


Moki Dugway


Sagebrush and Pronghorn

While this semi-arid expanse is covered in sagebrush and grassy plains, Wyoming is home to much wildlife, especially Pronghorn Antelope, Bison, Bighorn Sheep, Grizzly and Black Bear and so much more.  It’s also where we find Mountain bluebirds and Pinyon Jays.  It’s an extraordinary state.  


Thermopolis, Wyoming