Across the States Photography


East to West, North to South, this collection of images of the Lower 48, reflect our interests outside of National Parks and National Monuments, which are represented in their own galleries. 


Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, Oregon



A State of awesome scenic wonders

From the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon to the solitude of the Havasu Canyon which is only accessible by horseback, hiking or helicopter, we ventured into its depths and camped for a week in the Havasu Canyon where the crystal clear, aqua blue waters of Havasu Creek reflected its towering, red canyon walls.  Yellow Warblers and Canyon Wrens sang their melodies morning and night.  We can still hear their songs.  This ancient land holds a history that we can only have a glimpse of understanding as it is touched by the Natives of this great land.  Arizona is filled with places that beg to be seen.  A landscape that is often seen as desolate in places, feature diversity on a grand scale.  It is a place that entreats us to explore its vastness.


It’s not just about the Potato!

The ‘Gem’ state has it all.  If we were to consider living in another place, it would probably be Idaho.  It is a state overflowing with a diversity of landscapes unlike anywhere else, from majestic mountains to massive waterfalls and endless forests to miles of rugged volcanic flows and features.  Who knew that in the middle of nowhere there exists a small desert filled with sand dunes and yet nearby, agricultural lands growing acres of bean seeds and potatoes?


The Hoosier State

While we haven’t been to all it’s counties, we have been to many, and brought back thousands of images of the landscape, the character of the towns, architectural elements and local icons.  The courthouses have been of particular interest to us.  Indiana is also home to many still existing Covered Bridges, which we have included in this gallery.


The Upper Peninsula

From dense forests to bogs to waterfalls and the lake shore, the Upper Peninsula is a landscape  full of visual excitement. Stepping out onto a bog  and feeling like you are walking on a soft mattress, is quite the experience.  Seeing the mysteries of bog plants that capture their own food source, amazing.



Land of Many Lakes

This land is home to more than 10,000 lakes and borders Lake Superior.  Its   waters are  filled with perfect reflections and early morning fog. 



Talking Rocks Cavern

While we have traveled across Missouri many times, we haven’t really spent that much time seeing the sights.  We were usually on our way to Montana.  We did, however, go to Branson one time and had the opportunity to visit this Cavern site which was totally awesome!  Definitely worth the visit! 



Land that We Love!

Words cannot express how much we love this state. So much so that we moved here to spend as much of the rest of our lives as we’re able. There are so many places to see all across the state, beside Glacier National Park.  Every season is its own reward.


New Mexico 

From Border to Border

More that 25,000 Anasazi sites have been identified in New Mexico, an amazing Puebloan civilization.  We have visited several.  From these amazing sites to great arches and lava flows, we have been intrigued with this place of natural history.  Sante Fe and it’s culture, simply amazing. 

New York

The Empire State

While it may be known as the “Empire State”, which is more about the state’s wealth and resources, our focus has been on it’s many waterfalls, state parks and rural countryside.

New York


A Coastal Treasure

This Pacific Northwest State  has a beauty all its own and is geographically diverse.   From dense forests to high desert, there is much to see!  More exploration is on our bucket list as waterfalls are abundant here.


South Dakota 

Where out Westward Travels Begin

Often we did not get out cameras out of their bags until we reached the Missouri River in Central South Dakota.  There is a rest area with an awesome sculpture of Sacajawea at Chamberlain which sets the tone of our travels.   Then the Badlands, Custer State Park, and Wind and Jewel Caves to name a few ‘not to be missed’ places.



The Palo Duro Canyon

The second largest canyon in the country, Palo Duro is named the “Grand Canyon of Texas”.  It is full of dramatic geological features  with beautiful colors and steep mesa walls.  The canyon was formed by erosion from the Prairie Dog Town Fork of the  Red River.



Desert Lands and Monumental Mountains

Have you ever heard of the Moki Dugway?  Neither had we, until we came upon it in our travels.  That was an experience!  Home to several National Parks, featured in other galleries, there is still much to see in this state.  It is the second driest state and has about 300 sunny days a year. 


The Evergreen State

Yes, I would say it is evergreen, with it’s vast dense forests.  This state is lush with waterfalls, flowers and all manor of agricultural bounty.  From the wheat growing hills of the Palouse region to its mountains and it’s rugged  ocean shores, this place is a ‘Must See’.



Sagebrush and Pronghorn

While this semi-arid expanse is covered in sagebrush and grassy plains, Wyoming is home to much wildlife, especially Pronghorn Antelope, Bison, Bighorn Sheep, Grizzly and Black Bear and so much more.  It’s also where we find Mountain bluebirds and Pinyon Jays.  It’s an extraordinary state.