Bosque Del Apache

New Mexico

A 57,331 acre home to an extraordinary diversity of animals and plants

Mostly known for the wintering grounds for tens of thousands of Sandhill Cranes, Geese and Ducks, it also has thousands of acres of wilderness that is home to Jackrabbits, Lizards, and Quail as well as Creosote bush, Sunflowers and Mesquite.  The staff at Bosque del Apache manages water to create wetlands like when the River ran wild.  These seasonal wetlands re-create the types of habitats that both year-around and migratory wildlife need to thrive.  Using gates and ditches, water is moved from the Rio Grande River through fields, marshes, and ponds, and then back to the River to mimic natural flooding cycles.  

Once again, the Rio Grande and its wetlands provide food and homes for some of America’s most spectacular wildlife, as well as places where thousands of people can observe and enjoy the natural world.

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