We enjoy creating things in wood

Woodworking has been a life-long activity.  Sometimes just a leisure activity for enjoyment, sometimes an obsession, sometimes an occupation.  Whatever the circumstances, it has always been an enjoyable activity.  Spending many hours designing a unique item to build or re-designing a set of plans, gives us great pleasure.  The design element is a great part of our woodworking.

Building an Art Desk, a Trophy for NASCAR, a Rocket Bat House, or a Display Rack, if it requires some design, it will become an awesome project for me.


Ezy-Stor Workbenches

Always cleaned off and ready to use.

Is your workbench cluttered?  Do you have to ‘clean it up’ before you can start your next project?  Is there no place to put things that are cluttering your workbench because you have used it as a shelf?  Do you not have room in your garage for a ‘normal’ workbench.


If these questions describe your work area, consider an Ezy-Stor Workbench.  They are made of Hard Maple with a Durakryl finish.  We offer them in four sizes and options as to height from the floor.  In storage position, the workbench only extends about 11″ into the garage leaving plenty of room for the car or truck.  Ready to use at the push of a button.


Some of the uses of this bench system have been for Woodworking, Ski Tuning, Potting Plants, Gunsmithing, Model Making, Crafts, Auto Repair and Mower Service, and many more.


Ezy-Stor Workbench


Building Bridges

Need to get across the creek?

Bridges are fun to build.  Quite often the landscape has areas that are wet, rough, of just need an easier way to cross them.  We design and build a bridge to ‘fit the environment’ and to get around the landscape easier.