Ezy-Stor Workbench

Garage Hard Maple Workbench

Not enough room in your garage for a workbench?  The Ezy-Stor Workbench stores quickly to less than one foot from the garage wall.

Always cleaned off and ready to use.

Available in 4 sizes.

Options on height from floor.

Other options available.


Does this look like your Workbench???

Note:  The vise is a quick disconnect model

Ezy-Stor Workbench

Stores away in seconds

Stores away quickly with the push of a button.  

Quickly moves down ready to use.

Ezy-Stor Workbench

Out of the way

Requires only about 3 square feet of floor space.

Less than a foot from the wall.

The Model shown is for your reference.   Each Ezy-Stor Workbench is custom made and the design and color will vary as to customer specifications.

Many options are available.  Your Ezy-Stor Workbench would be made to meet your requirements.

The tools shown in these photographs are not supplied with an Ezy-Stor Workbench.