Putnam County

Our old homestead, we spent many wonderful years here, just east of Bainbridge.  The gently rolling landscape was quite to our liking.  It is an agricultural area, where corn and soybean fields take precedence, but there are other things of interest here. The county was named in honor of Israel Putnam, who was a hero in the French and Indian War and a General in the American Revolutionary War.  Greencastle is the largest city as well as the County Seat.  It is the home of DePauw University which was originally named the Indiana Asbury University and it was one of the first institutions in the West to grant equal privileges to women.  The University has a large Nature Park where we have spent many hours walking and birding.  Fern Cliff Preserve is also in Putnam County, which is marked with steep, forested sandstone cliffs and lush wooded ravines.  Putnam County is also a location to find several Covered Bridges which we have featured in this gallery.