Posey County

Bordered by the Ohio River on its south and the Wasbash River on its western border, Posey County was originally considered part of the Northwest Territory of the U.S.  It was named for then Governor of the territory, Revolutionary War General, Thomas Posey.  Mount Vernon was designated as the County Seat, its Port continuing to be important to the economy of the county.  New Harmony, a most notable place, is an historic town.    In 1814, the town was established by the Harmony Society, a settlement of Lutherans who had separated from the official church in the Duchy of Wurttemberg who immigrated to the U.S. under the leadership of George Rapp.  It was wilderness then, but in 1824, they sold their land and moved on.  Robert Owen, a Welsh industrialist and ‘social reformer’, purchased the town with the intent of creating a new Utopian community.  It turned out to be a failure shortly after it began.  The community did however, make some very important contributions to American society, both in education and scientific research.  The history of this county is so very interesting, it bears looking up and reading for yourself.