Martin County

The rugged and forested landscape of Martin County is located in South central Indiana.  The town of Shoals is the county seat and has an interesting history.  In fact Martin County has had the most county seats of any county in Indiana, totaling nine.  Shoals is known for its many caves and cliffs, around which bootleggers hid out during the Prohibition. There are many stories about  Hindostan, the original county seat. It was the largest town in the county, but was hit by the Yellow fever, ( 15 people died).  Perhaps the depression may have had more to do with the town coming to an end. Hindostan Falls on the White River was the site of mills and ferry crossings and the “lost town”    It is said that Pre-historic Indians lived in this area as far back as 11,000 BC, hunting now extinct animals such as mammoth and mastodon. The Crane Naval Base was built in the county during World War II.