Miami County

Miami County is located in North Central Indiana and was named after the Miami Indians.  The City of Peru is the county seat and has an interesting history.  Of significance, the International Circus Hall of Fame is located there.  During the 3rd week in July Peru holds its Annual Amateur Circus, ending with a Festival and Parade.  It is also the home of the world’s only remaining manufacturer of steam calliopes.  Mostly agricultural, the county has a number of attractions, including the Mississinewa Reservoir Dam.   We do not often think of County Lines moving, but if you look at the history of many of the Counties in Indiana, Miami County is no exception.  In 1832 Miami County was formed from Cass County and some unorganized land.  In 1838 some unorganized territory was added to the County, but in 1844 that territory was lost to Fulton County.  The history of Indiana is interesting as to how Knox Territory became the Indiana Territory, then lost Illinois and Michigan before becoming the State of Indiana.