LaGrange County

LaGrange County is in the Northeastern Corner of Indiana.  The North border is the State of Michigan.  The major cities and towns in the County are LaGrange, Shipshewana, Topeka, South Milford, Mongo and Howe.  Many people in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio have visited the Amish Community of Shipshewana and enjoyed it.  The County is mostly agricultural with many small farms.  The highlight of our touring of LaGrange County was by far a visit to Greenfield Mills.  Greenfield Mills is the home of New Rinkel Flour.  Since the 1920’s, this Mill has ‘stone ground’ flour using electric powered machines, unlike the grist mills in other parts of the country which use a large overshot waterwheel to provide mechanical power this Mill used turbines to drive electric generators to provide the power for the Mill.  We were extremely fortunate, (especially me) in that the main generator was being repaired at the time we were there.   We were able to see the main generator disassembled and being repaired from a previous lightning strike.  This Mill is one of the world’s smallest utilities as it was supplying power to just a few homes.  Unfortunately, we believe the Mill may have closed, but do some research before you make a trip to Northeastern Indiana.