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From our early years, we have both had a passion for capturing the essence of nature through the lens of our cameras.  It was a passion ignited deep in our souls and is unquenchable.  Debbie received her photography education at Stockton State College in Pomona, New Jersey and has continued her pursuits through advanced workshops with other professionals.  Working in the darkroom in both Black and White and Color processing and printing, gave her a wealth of knowledge, however when the Digital World advanced, Debbie closed the darkroom door and proceeded to move into Digital Photograhy and printing.  Photoshop is used to post process our images.  It is a program that Debbie has been working with for over a decade producing images for artists and corporate entities.   In addition to the business of photography, Joe has been teaching The 'Essentials of  Photography ' to those who want to learn both the technical and the artistic side of the art.  Composition of the image is a critical aspect of good photography and is a subject that he has spent countless hours developing a simplified method of teaching its merits. 

While landscapes, wildlife and nature are the subjects our our passion, corporate needs which include cityscapes and abstracts, have become a large part of Premier Imaging.  What makes Premier Imaging so unique is that we travel to locations where we capture images that have been specifically requested by our clients.  This gives a corporate office a very sophisticated look

Together, we have spent much time over the past 12 years traveling across the U.S. adding thousands of images to our collection.

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The Art and Photography of Joseph and Deborah Ashby